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GAO Report on High-Speed Internet Access Programs on Tribal Lands

High-speed Internet service is viewed as a critical component of the nation’s infrastructure and an economic driver, particularly to remote tribal communities. However, in 2015, FCC reported that the lack of service in tribal areas presents impediments. GAO was asked to review the status of high-speed Internet on tribal lands. The report examines (1) perspectives of tribes and providers on high-speed Internet access and barriers to increasing this access; (2) the level of interrelation and coordination between federal programs that promote high- speed Internet access on tribal lands; and (3) existing data and performance measures related to high-speed Internet on tribal lands. GAO visited or interviewed officials from a non- generalizable sample of 21 tribal entities and 6 service providers selected to provide diversity in size, location, and poverty levels. GAO also reviewed FCC and USDA fiscal year 2010 through 2014 program data, funding, and materials and interviewed federal officials.

February 3, 2016


AIPI May 2016 Newsletter

May 4, 2016

The May AIPI Newsletter includes a story about the Collaborative Agreement that ASU AIPI signed with NAFOA to form the Tribal Economic Leadership Program. Additionally, there a non-exhaustive summary of legislation regarding Native Americans put forth in the 114th Congress and a summary of some State of Arizona bills.