Mission | Vision | Values

Mission | Vision | Values

The Arizona State University American Indian Policy Institute is an applied policy program leveraging university expertise via a reciprocal transdisciplinary model, infusing Native knowledge in the academy, and engaging Tribal Nations in building community partnerships in order to inspire the Seventh generation of leaders. 


The American Indian Policy Institute is fully committed to tribally-driven participatory research in which tribal governments identify their own research needs and seek out collaborations with the university. As part of tribally-driven participatory research, the Policy Institute responds to tribal research direction and empowers Tribal Nations, tribal communities and American Indian students through projects that support self-determination and build tribal capacity. 


AIPI strives to provide thought leadership on American Indian policy in order to enhance our local impact and social embeddedness serving Native Nations. By providing progressive policy analysis, research, and executive education, The Arizona State University American Indian Policy Institute seeks to elevate Native Nations in local, regional, national and global communities while creating a dynamic dialogue through multiple communication modalities.