Tribal Financial Manager Certificates


**Now There are Two Programs:


For Tribal Government                                                For Gaming Enterprises

October 22-24, 2013 Session is now Closed


The October 22-24, 2013 Tribal Financial Manager Certificate for Tribal Gaming Enterprises was a huge success! 

Check back later for information regarding a 2014 session.


Interested in Tribal Financial Manager Certificate Distance Learning Programs? 

Enrollment is ongoing.

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The In-Classroom Program for Tribal Governments will open for registration soon!

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See what one of the graduates has to say about the program...

What alumni are saying:


"This ASU program provided a variety of training under one umbrella. The program & the trainers far exceeded my expectations."



"I thought the program was well worth taking and is already helping me with tasks I do for the tribe."



"I would definitely recommend the program to others in tribal government."



"We were able to make it through our audit successfully because of the information I learned in the certificate program."



 See what Indian Country Today has to say about the TFMC program!



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